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Reel Communication

The way we communicate can determine our success in building positive relationships at work and in our personal lives.

Just as movies have taught us how to smoke and hold a cigarette, even how to kiss, so they can teach us how to interact through their powerful visual representations.

Explore different ways one can present oneself with confidence and ease by going behind the scenes of the Hollywood movie industry with one of its own.

Discover the importance of good communication skills from an actress who has combined her high profile acting career with her work as an International Communications specialist in the US and the UK.

This is a fun, factual and informative course with plenty of anecdotes and visual aids to illustrate the benefits of Effective Communication.

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Tales from Hollywood

A reflective journey on life as a Resident Alien in Hollywood. From the glamour and glitz to the darker side and back again.

Go behind the scenes with someone who has actually been there and discover what it's like to be an 'Evil wicked Queen' whether flying with Superman or frolicking in bed with just a crown and a sword between you and Conan (Now the Governor of California!)

If Science Fiction is more your thing then you will get a Galactic kick with this real alien. From V to Babylon 5 and Stargate, you can find out more about these shows and other TV favourites.

There's plenty of Horror too, if you really have to know about the blood and gore that Sarah dealt with in many of the films of the horror genre.

For soap fans sit back and listen to the exploits on the set of Falcon Crest and the problems of Big Hair & Big Shoulder pads!

And for fantasy fans...well we go there too, after all this is Tales from Hollywood, where all your dreams can be realised if only you are brave enough!