Patrick Hambleton Management

Sarah is now represented in the UK by Patrick Hambleton Management.

Patrick Hambleton Management Tel.+44(0)20 7226 0947 E-mail.

Earache - The character voice agency

UK character voice agency. Providing voice overs for TV and Radio campaigns.

Big Finish Productions

Big Finish Productions produces full cast audio dramas on CD and for Download. Sarah has guest starred on a number of recent releases. They produce plays on Doctor Who, 2000 AD characters Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, Dark Shadows, Sapphire & Steel.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. Click the link below to see Sarah's profile on the site.

Starfish Consultants

The award-winning web & print design company behind Sarah's website.

CapedWonder™.com celebrates the Verisimilitude and Wonders of Superman; and the artists, writers, directors and performers that have come together over the past 70 years with the common goal of bringing Superman to life on paper, television and the silver screen.

The #1 Unofficial Sarah Douglas website

A very informative fan site run by Jacob Rubinstein which has plenty of information on Sarah's career and convention appearances.